What Russian Wife Expects from Marriage

Imagine that after meeting and corresponding with beautiful Russian girl for a concrete period you have got her as a bride. She is your love you have been dreaming of her for years, your relationship seems to be going so much well that you started to think about marriage with her. She is also totally in love and she thinks of you as of potential husband. BUT she still is single and you have no idea about how much she will change her code of a conduct.

Do Russian wives and brides dance to a different tunes? What does Russian wife expect from marriage with a foreign man? What particularly does she expect from you after you start keeping house together? Here are some comments on the matter. All that is written below applies as well to Ukrainian or Belarusian wives, because Slavic women are common in beliefs and views upon family and relationship.

Rather more freedom

Among social and cultural standards for women in Russia the main is to find a man for marriage. Then bringing up children and homemaking. From a young age they are taught that it is their life mission which should be fulfilled at any price – sometimes they sacrifice their career, talents or hobbies, true wishes to do it.

So if you have got a wife from Russia be sure she wants to step to rather more freedom. Naturally some of Russian wives (as well as Belarusian or Ukrainian wives) want to escape some restrictive social standards after moving abroad. Thus, even through their primary motivation in creating a family with beloved man (whatever his origin) wives from Russia hope to develop their talents or skills at some field, reopen themselves and find new way for self-realization alongside of being a careful wife and mother. Because…

Help around the house

… because they believe that Western and European men are ready to share household duties. Russian women feel some dissatisfaction with the amount of help their husbands provide around the house – very often woman has to carry on a lion’s share of family responsibilities that take away all her free time. This time she could spend on doing her favorite pursuit. So Russian lady wants to meet a real man who can also take the responsibility of homemaking. Helping her you will also give her some time she needs for keeping herself looking beautiful for you.

Ability to provide

Taking into consideration that your Russian wife enters into unfamiliar environment (which includes business-building environment) after she moves to her foreign husband’s country she can’t start earning money, at least at the beginning. Thus, a husband is expected to provide for the family. He might have a good-paid job, pay all common bills, take care of his responsibilities. He also should be loyal to his family and friends.

Non-financial recognition and compliment

Russian woman likes to be aware that she is beautiful, good-looking, and also good at something concrete. That is why she expects her man to pay her compliments. If she is a real cordon bleu, don’t get tired to tell her about it. Also tell her she has beautiful eyes and her tender look makes you so much happy. Remember, love never fails!