If you never dated a beautiful girl from Russia, but would like to, you should create a profile on one of the top dating agencies. Already done? Good. However, for sure you have no idea about what Russian girl believes in relationship unless you have started chatting to a great number of Slavic ladies (for example Ukrainian or Belarusian girls). Of course, there are certain dating common rules, but some national peculiarities or beliefs can impede the relationship (the culture can affect). Women from the post-Soviet area have very different ideas to those of western women and you should be aware of this. Even if your story on marriage agency site is not meant to have a happy end, at least you will know what to talk with Russian girls about. In addition, through the communication you can learn another culture.

Anyway, before meeting or dating them online via skype you should establish a conversation. Yes, you should, not her, cause the first core belief of Russian lady is that man’s main role is initiation. So,

  1. “Men should initiate conversation, meeting, dating.” It’s like an undeniable truth for Russians, like man should be the one who tries to move the relationship forward. They say men are hunters and thus adopt a passive role.
  2. Men should play hard to get. They know they are attractive and that is why desirable (by the way it is a straight result of their self-improvement, girls believe that to look pretty you should work on personal development) thus, men should struggle to win their love. You should try your best to deserve a date and their hearts at the very end.
  3. Among top values the family takes the first place. They believe that it is the most important thing in life for a true woman. That is why every single young Russian lady dreams about becoming a wife and mother. They join an international dating agency site wanting to find a real man who is ready to fulfill her wishes, actually her destiny.
  4. Family: man should earn, woman should care. As you can conclude such a belief of Russians differs from beliefs of Europeans. For example, English or German women can easily be providers at home, while Russian or Ukrainian girls take care on the family. If you do not get why, look at the situation above. The practice when dads become housekeepers and moms are too busy working has been just started in countries of post-Soviet space.
  5. Destiny is pre-determining. Women in Russia as usual strongly believe that the men they meet who are supposed to be their husbands is a hand of Destiny. They are destiny-oriented and believe that if something was destined to happen, it will. Such a statement is in widespread use among women from other foreign countries, but more typical for Russians and Ukrainians.

Keep all these in mind while chatting online with girls as well as when meet them in personal. Also if your goal is not a strong family and you already know that you will not become Her Destiny better make it clear at once.