There are numerous websites containing thousands of profiles of Russian girls willing to get in touch with a foreigner. These services usually have all the necessary modules to provide a proper conversation between two persons having an attraction to each other. You can talk to the girl using inbuilt chat system or even (if there is such a service) you can use a video chat. Conducting a conversation via web cam may demand tremendous efforts, especially if one has a problem with speaking to random people. Consider that there can be awkward pauses during the conversation which may spoil an attitude to each other among the participants of the conversation.

This is the reason some of the online dating service users seek for the opportunity to get a ladies’ contacts. It is often against the service’s rules, as the conversation has to be led via the service’s chat on security grounds. It is often prohibited to give contact information to third parties, so men often cannot get Russian girls phone number.

One more reason not to take ladies’ contacts is that it is costly to call to Russia. A minute of conversation will cost you more than a minute of conversation via chat. And it will be definitely cost you less to write her an email.

Where to Get Russian Girls’ Contact Numbers?

There is one way to take those contacts which seems doubtful. You can find the base of these on a number of web sites. Some of them are completely free, others are offered for a fee. Consider that it can be illegal to sell such a kind of information, so be careful with that. You should also know that those who offer phone numbers for free may attach a virus to the file you will download, while those selling a contact base can be a fraud. Just imagine a situation – you are paying a defined sum and waiting for an email, but you do not get it. Actually, there is no fully legitimate and reliable way to get Russian ladies’ contacts  if those are not available for public being shared by girls.

How to Get Russian Girl’s Phone Number After a Brief Conversation?

The answer may seem simple – just ask for it. But it can be complicated. Giving it implies some kind of trust, so consider that when thinking about getting a woman’s number. Firstly, you’ve got to charm her. If you succeed, you can ask one’s contact information, but do not be surprised, if the woman you are talking to will refuse to give you the phone number. Actually, it can be said you are guaranteed to recieve your beloved one’s contacts during the meeting if she will like you.