If you have been using online Russian dating service for a while you should already learn that the majority of women from Russia join it in search for a foreign love match. They are seeking for a right candidate for serious relationship and building a family. Using the site and dating online in a concrete space of time each lady weighs foreigners up and obtains certain view about them. If you want to know how to get beautiful Russian bride, you should know what she thinks of and expects from you. Learning about wishes, fears, and expectations of Russian brides you can increase the chances to find best of them.

Here are the most popular thoughts of Russia brides about marriage, family and housekeeping with foreign men:

The Best Age

You score the great success in searching beautiful woman for marriage from Russia if you are 30-45 years old. It is the most desirable age group for single lady of age 25-39 who wishes to become a bride. She is interested to meet real man within this age group because she believes he is established in life but still young and looks great. Any potential Russian bride will say that men aged 30-45 are financially and professionally at their prime time. Also they say such men are mature enough for family with kids. By the way, Ukrainian and Belarusian brides share this opinion.

If your age is within 18-29 group, you have less chances to find Russia bride who is ready to build a family with you. New relationship – ok, family – you will discuss it in advance. Local girls over 25 prefer a man who at least 5 years older, because they want to become not only wives but mothers. You will success dating a girl under 21-22. Anyway, don’t hesitate to note you feel more mature than guys of your age.

Ulterior motives

Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian brides don’t understand why a foreign gentleman decided to find a partner abroad. They probably think there is something wrong with men who cannot find a potential wife at home country. You know in Slavic countries the gender ratio is about 86 men per 100 women, that is why local guys have the upper hand in relationship. This is the reason why Slavic girls suspect foreigners have ulterior motives.

Tip: name a girl more reasons, tell her your true wishes. It will help her to believe you are searching for real live. By the way, Russian ladies are afraid to ask such clarifications, that is why you should try to help them.

De-Facto Marriage

Many Russians think that living together before wedding is OK. They say it is a good test-period when you can test your feelings as well as the readiness to create a family. In order to have happy time together there is no need in relationship formalization. But further 30% indicate they go against civil unions. Cohabitation before wedding is highly unacceptable among girls living in Caucasus areas.


Many Russian women prefer to share housekeeping duties. Traditional model according to which a wife is the only responsible for homemaking is not trendy any more.